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“I was hesitant about how spiritual guidance would work virtually.  The experience working with the Beloved Goddess Sila has been beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  We laugh, we pray, we burst into smiles as the over flowing Sufi love washes over us.  We may be physically apart, but we are spiritually connected, and I am so grateful for her guidance and love.”



Sila’s tender-loving support is the sweetest, most beautiful energy I could have ever asked for, especially throughout the ancestral womb healing we’ve been focusing on.
Last year, I received abnormal results from a Pap smear. After doing a biopsy, the doctors told me that I had high-grade pre-cancerous cells and they were pressuring me to do a procedure that I did not feel comfortable doing right away. I knew I wanted to at least try to address the
situation at hand naturally, first. Having this goddess as my witness throughout my own dark & shadowy process this year, connecting with my inner child and beginning to address old wounds/traumas, is something that I cannot fully encapsulate in words. Sila’s presence is incredibly connected & grounded. The way that she channels such beautiful messages and prayers during our guided meditations has made me feel so safe and humbled, therefore allowing me to compassionately face & release so much pain that has needed attention for far too long.
I am deeply honored to be able to say that after a full year of intentional work and change in lifestyle, my cervical cells are now healed and back to normal, largely thanks to Sila’s powerful guidance & support throughout our many sessions this year. Sila, I am forever grateful for the
warm, loving space you provide and the healing work that you do for this world.



"Sila is single-handedly the most compassionate, powerful, gentle healer I have come across, with a genuine love for healing the energy of the human spirit. She is truly gifted."



"The work that Sila has delivered through out  the years has been life changing. She truly has aided me in times of pain and need. The method she uses for healing is one that will become a life practice in order to continue developing yourself.  Her products are used daily in my routines, which allows me to ground myself in uncertain times. Blessed to have come across this healer."



"Sister Sila is committed to healing the collective, holding space and nurturing her community with integrity and through love. Her generosity of spirit is matched by years of dedicated study in different sensory modalities of mind-body care—including vibrational, aromatic, meridian, womb/blood, energy work—all of which speak to a wisdom beyond her years. May we all be blessed to share in the hands and presence of Sila’s healing practice and may we support her journey in this realm and beyond. Peace."



"Sila brings so much compassion to her healing practice. She is attentive and present. I felt safe and very taken care of because she was so in tune with what I was needing on an energetic level."



"this woman has healed me from cramps and depression! best of all her sessions are not inaccessible!"


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