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Rose Elixir

Rose Elixir


A blend of rose absolute, palmarosa, neroli, and geranium essential oils in sweet almond oil, with rose petals and copper wire coils to amplify the essence.

Rose is the scent of the Goddess, the scent of the heart, the scent of beauty. It is one of the most powerful anti-depressant essential oils, uplifting and calming simultaneously. It has the ability to tonify the heart on a physical level, and open it on an energetic level, creating balance in the way we give and receive love. It can be used to cultivate a loving relationship with yourself and others. It is also a very strong aphrodisiac.


{Rose essential oil has the highest frequency of all essential oils, vibrating at 320hz.
The average human body vibrates around 60hz, and when it drops below 60hz, vitality decreases. When something that is oscillating with a higher frequency comes in contact with something that is oscillating at a lower frequency, the lower frequency must harmonize with the higher frequency, gradually raising the vibration. Raising your body's physical vibration strengthens your cells and facilitates the flow of energy which is beneficial for your overall health.}

Palmarosa and Neroli work with Rose, like sisters, to open the heart chakra and decrease anxiety, allowing for deeper union with love.

Geranium is an anti-depressant and nervine (meaning it calms the nerves and is anti-anxiety). This helps to support emotional balance, the ability to give and receive love, and our awareness of beauty in and around us. 

Copper is a conduit and is the metal that belongs to Inanna/Venus (the
Goddess in her many forms).

Anointing tip:
Apply to heart, chest, breasts. Apply on your wrists and deeply inhale, feeling the scent traveling to your heart center. Imagine the subtle vibrations of the oil allowing your heart to open, like a rose blooming. Envision the petals opening, the flower an invitation for love to enter. Appreciate the beauty of the rose inside you. feel the essence of the rose, queen of the garden, permeating your entire being. Reapply throughout the day and remember how truly beautiful you are.

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