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Auric Elixir

Auric Elixir


A blend of Jasmine, Orris root, Frankincense, and Tuberose essential oils in sweet almond oil, with jasmine flower buds and clear quartz crystals.

These essential oils are known for their ability to elevate our emotional and spiritual state. Jasmine contains aphrodisiac and anti-depressant properties. Strong floral oils such as Jasmine & Tuberose have a way of bringing us to a state of elation {a natural high}. Just like when we smell a flower and the sweet scent automatically makes us smile!

Frankincense is an all-healing oil that slows and deepens our breath, cleanses, purifies, connects us to spirit, and returns us to alignment.
Orris root is an elevating and lightening scent that also brings a natural high.

The combination of these oils is pure magic . . .

Clear quartz is a master healer as it can be used to clear a wide range of blockages and bring us back into alignment. Clear quartz works to cleanse and raise the vibration of all chakras, but it has a particular affinity with the crown chakra. This makes it a particularly healing crystal to combine with Jasmine and Frankincense - as these are some of the most powerful oils associated with the crown.

Anointing tip:
Apply oil on wrists and inhale, then apply to the crown of the head and/or in your hair. Close your eyes and breathe in the scent, imagining white light and sweetness bathing you from above. Bring a gentle smile to your face, these scents are meant to bring a natural high. Connect to the sweetness of life, and allow yourself to float. When you are ready take deeper breaths to ground back into the earth.

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