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intuitive energy work

why have humans throughout time called upon shamans, healers, and facilitators of all kinds? because we are relational beings that need to be witnessed, held, and at times guided. 

i am a kundalini reiki master and intuitive energy worker.

this is intuitive energy work because i tune in to exactly where you are and what your soul is asking for. i do this by hearing your story and listening deeply to what comes up. i will welcome all of you.

i guide my clients into holistic awareness, presence, self-compassion, and love through kundalini reiki, guided meditation, breathwork, shadow work, energetic/somatic release, prayer, and deep listening.


my intention with this work is to hold the sacred space necessary to integrate mind, body, and spirit. from there, your own psyche is activated and aligned with a higher healing intelligence - which i help to interpret and guide.



$50/30 minutes

$30/15 minutes (returning clients only)

reach out to me with your availability and i'll get back within 24 hours to book.

*make your payment 24 hours before our session to secure the appointment using any of the payment methods below

venmo: @silaassad

cashapp: $silaassad



feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule a free phone consultation.

i would love to connect with you!

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