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what is astrology?

astrology is an ancient and intricate form of divination that links the celestial movements of the planets to earthly events & experiences, both individual and collective.
astrology helps us to see the human experience through the perspective of a cosmic intelligence - one that is eternal, wise, mysterious, and infinitely creative in its expression. discovering the language of your birth chart can invite in a deeply meaningful, soulful perspective on life and your place in it.

my background + training

My first teacher was my aunt.
My aunt is a professional astrologer and a wise woman who I'm lucky to call my teacher. 
I started studying with her at 11 years old, and never stopped. I was enchanted by the planets and the signs - and

the feeling I got from each of them. it felt like a language from another lifetime that was easy to remember. 
I borrowed books from her giant astrological library and became the on-call astrologer for my friends. I was and still am
totally in love with it!

in 2020 I decided to invest in a more rigorous course of study with Adam Elenbaas of Nightlight Astrology where I learned the philosophy and technique of traditional astrology. this course only deepened my love for this mysterious, sacred art. I came out on the other side with a synthesis of ancient and modern technique that is informed by my study and practice of mysticism. I've been to one astrological conference in 2022, and I continue to take classes and workshops when I can. 
(I use whole sign houses, and the tropical zodiac)


my intention

my intention as an astrologer is to help you build a more loving, trusting relationship with your soul and with the universe. 
this happens naturally in a consultation when we start to see all of our experiences reflected in the larger cosmos. from the micro to the macro, it is all is held there, and it can be incredibly affirming to discover that. astrology allows everything in life to become infused with sacred meaning. it can help us built trust in the natural timing and cycles in which our life is unfolding. astrology can help us reach a deeper understanding of ourselves and others, which creates a lovely ground for compassion to grow.
ultimately, in any kind of astrological reading, my intention is to
 to affirm and hold space for your soul's miraculous journey on earth.

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